Hi, I’m Kathleen!

Hey y’all! I’m Kathleen (they/them), a second-year master’s student studying Music, Science, and Technology.

A person wearing glasses, a grey shirt, and their hair in a ponytail looks down towards the viewer. A red balloon can be seen in the top right corner.

(I have no normal photos.. at least this is accurate to how I’ll look in class)

Nothing strikes me as a favorite game, but I’ve played Stardew Valley the most by far. I’m a very not chill Stardew player that tries to maximize progress immediately, but I like the variety of ways one can play. Ironically, I especially appreciate details like being able to sit on benches that allow players to contemplate what it means to “be” in that world. I enjoy lots of different games that offer exploration, long-term strategy, subversive narrative, puzzles, medium exploitation, social deception, geese…. (lmk if you know one that contains all the above). I’ve really enjoyed Undertale, Civ 5, Portal, DDLC, and Baba is You. Some of my favorite board games include Catan, Ticket to Ride, Betrayal at House on the Hill, and Dead of Winter. I’d love to chat about any of the games above or receive game suggestions!

Most recently I’ve been playing a lot of Stardew to catch up on the 1.5 update. It’s super refreshing to have new things to explore (plus great new OSTs). I also recently played a board game called Above and Below, which has fun mechanics (lots of chance/randomized missions) and lots of lore. It’s even more fun when you crappily roleplay your villagers. Looking forward to spending time with y’all!

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