Introduction – Hi!!! I’m Christina

Hi everyone! My name is Christina, current sophomore (she/her pronouns).

My favorite game is Omori. Not because of the gameplay itself (I haven’t finished playing yet myself), but because of what it means to me as a form of art. I was drawn to its intriguing artwork, storyline, and atmosphere, and it is the single most influential game in inspiring me to attempt to create games myself. It was the game that cemented in my mind that games were not simply games, but rather works of art that can convey complex storylines and emotion.

A recent game I played is the “I Just Want to be Single!! Demo“, which I discovered through Kickstarter (currently campaigning). I found it genuinely hilarious, as an anti-dating sim visual novel that aimed to make fun of many of the cliches found in classic dating sims. It showcased unique characters that were caricatures of the most stereotypical anime characters — exaggerated to the point of absurdity. It has an extremely promising tagline (“The anti-dating sim where you make friends instead of girlfriends!”), and I highly recommend checking it out if you are into games that aim to challenge existing cliches while maintaining an amazing sense of humor.

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I like animation and game dev yeet.

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