#Looking4Team (Hi everyone!) 👾👾

Hi all! My name is Kyle (he/him). If you’re video game-oriented, check out some games I’ve made or my now-defunct Youtube channel.

I have a decent background in Unity, so I’m definitely looking to work in Unity to develop a video game for this class. My bias is towards 2D pixel art kinda games. I’m looking for a group, so hit me up if your goals sound similar or you jive with my games!

Favorite game of all time: I’m tired of saying Stardew Valley but it’s Stardew Valley

Recent game I enjoyed: Teamfight Tactics (I just hit diamond!!). The game is random, which constantly challenges you to think in new ways. And if you have the skill to manage that randomness, it’s really rewarding when you hit your final team comp.

If you’re interested in hobbyist game development (including analog games) on campus you should join us on the Stanford Game Designers’ discord! https://discord.gg/tXWmnVQks2

Finally, check out this enemy I recently made for my game. If you like the art style, we should definitely work together 🙂

Looking forward to meeting you all!!

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