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Hi everyone!


My name is Danny Schwartz. My pronouns are he/him. I’m a second-year Master’s student in CS.

I’d have to say my favorite game of all time is Magic: The Gathering. I love how it can be played in so many formats and the fact that it has modular rules. I don’t play paper any more, but I’ll occasionally play drafts on MtG: Arena. My favorite video game of all time would probably be The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. The game has so much cool atmosphere it’s just great to come back to.


Recently, I’ve been playing Outer Wilds. Outer Wilds is a fully open-world exploration game set in a small solar system that you can traverse with a small spaceship. It’s interesting in that the only real progression the player makes is learning things about the world, which lets you access new areas. You don’t get upgrades or anything, you just travel around solving a mystery of an ancient civilization. If this sounds interesting to you, play it before looking up anything else about the game.

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