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Heyo! I’m Ember, use she/her pronouns, and this is my good boi Mimi.

Favorite game is a hard one – there are so many games, genres, and I love a few for different reasons!
I would say Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair is probably one of if not the closest, being unique both visually
and in gameplay. As you investigate and solve murders, argue your cases, and build toward a larger mystery,
DG2 heavily focuses on telling a thrilling story with a zany cast of characters.

A recent game I’ve enjoyed is Ruined King. It’s a turn-based RPG and dungeon crawler with gorgeous art.
I actually played the game for a straight 24 hours when it first released! It’s one of the few turn-based games
I’ve played as I decided to dive into it more for the main storyline, but I found I quite liked the combat system.
After my initial run, I slowed down considerably to take my time with side quests and exploration.

Can’t wait to learn and have fun everyone!

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