Graphic Design for Game Designers

Elements of Cheese or Font:

  • Name of cheese/font: Core
  • A way to type or choose cheese/font (i.e. typing, clicking): Core
  • Score: Core
  • Timer: Supporting
  • Description: Supporting
  • Score: Supporting
  • You got (percentage): Extraneous
  • Average score (percentage): Extraneous
  • Pause Button: Extraneous
  • Previous, Next buttons: Supportive
  • “Give Up”: Supportive
  • How to Play: Supportive

Small Sketch & 6 New Designs

Make One Element Huge:

Take One Color:

Make 3-4 Thumbnails that use Type:


Group the options, cheese and font. The option to progress to different options is different from the option to click the guess between cheese and font, and should be separated from gameplay.

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