Rachel Naidich Working With System Dynamics Mind Map

In our game “Weather or not,” we wanted to teach players about how precipitation is formed through different air masses colliding, creating a weather front. Our team values included wanting to demonstrate the significance of being able to understand and predict the weather, hence the mechanic where players are responsible for making the desireable weather happen as weather gods. Our game incorporates both aspects of loops and arcs. The main loop in the game is the loop of collecting resources and producing weather. Once you’ve collected enough resources, you can place them down to produce the desireable weather. Once you have created the weather you wanted, you can keep collecting more resources. This repeats itself throughout the game. The main arc in the game is the goal that players have to get to 10 points as quickly as possible. In the beginning, players are trying to gain as many points as quickly as possible. But as the game goes on, the game gets tricker since players may try to create types of preciptitaiton to take points away from their opponent to prevent the other player from reaching 10 points first.

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