Critical Play: Story and Storytelling games -Vicky

I played Creatures Such as We. It had been a long time since I played an interactive fiction game. There were elements brought up in class that reminded me of times when I played these games or visual novels, which was to try to get different endings. I tried to be more mindful as I played, thinking about how the choices progressed the story.

I enjoyed the story of Creatures Such as We, where the main character is a tour guide for people who are tourists visiting the moon base. The premise was really intriguing and made me want to learn more. I liked the dynamic of showing her life on the moon base and her experience playing the game. And that there was a parallel drawn between the two experiences. Do choices matter? Does the way a story end need to be satisfying to the playerbase or true to the author’s intentions? Does getting everything you want to happen feel satisfying? The exploration of these questions were great.

A critique I had was that maybe I was not used to it, but it felt like too many choices at times. I felt like I wanted to read about what was happening more than wanting to make choices for every single action. There may have been too many choices in my personal opinion, to the point where I was slightly dreading having to make a choice on where we had to go next. There seems to be definitely room for more replayability. I think I would enjoy trying out the different paths to see the story change.

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