P2: Map and Premise

Story, setting, and motive:

I (Colleen) do not remember where I am anymore. I woke up and I am in this room. I want to see my son or to eat my breakfast. I don’t remember the choices. This is a simple short story about Colleen going somewhat crazy because of anxiety and Alzheimer’s. She could not remember anything beyond Sebestian being 8 years old; he is 34 now. The whole concept talks about experiencing in the shoes of these patients, without telling the players exactly who they are. There is no explicit content on telling the players about her medical conditions. My secondary goal for the players is for them to experience living in a home (which might be an abusive one), as we are facing an ageing population. Children these days are sending their parents home because they “want” their lives. I want players (who tend to be the younger generation) to empathize with living in a home, so they can make a better choice if they would send their parents to a home.

Progression of the story:

Colleen wakes up [Part A]
-> having different choices like staying in the bed or leaving the bed
-> a short memory to ask her to find her son, but she has quickly forgotten and moved on to finding breakfast (she did not do anything)
-> there’s loud chatter outside but she realized that the door is locked, motivating her to kick the door and scream for help.
-> nurse Mary came in and assist her
-> Colleen kept asking Mary why she is here, and Mary refuse to tell her at first
-> Mary told her eventually and Colleen became dangerous. She was sedated and went back to sleep
-> Colleen wakes up (note on the recurring possibility). She has two choices, either she had forgotten and will be going back to [Part A] or the game progressed to [Part B]
-> She felt trapped and want to get out [Part B]
-> She started writing notes for her future self, to possibly remind herself, however she found another note with the same message.
-> it was spine chilling to see another of the same exact note, but Sebastian is suddenly here for a visit.
-> her love for her son made her forget about everything that happened. In the end, she was tucked to sleep [Goes back to Part A again]

[This story is meant to not end]

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