Critical Play: Creatures Such as We

Creatures Such as We is an interactive, philosophical game that follows a person working on the moon for a tourist attraction company. The person is also an avid gamer who just finished a game called Creatures Such as We and was not fully satisfied with the ending, but as new day beings, we discover that the new group of tourists are actually the game developers for the game. As you progress through the game we follow the conversation between the person and game developers as well as a new storyline that is started within the game.


I got the chance to play it online through the free option offered, so I was limited by how far I could progress through the game. Overall, I thought the story was engaging and I felt that I had a lot of power in directing the direction of the story.


This would be a single player vs. game situation as I was the only player. In fact, the game even tried to include me as a insert me story where I was able to choose my name, gender, and ethnicity which ultimately helped me envision myself in the story. The other players in the game are characters we get to interact with, primarily people from the game studio that developed the game we are playing. The characters are all unique with their own flushed out personalities which kept the story engaging and made me want to keep learning about each one.


The conversations are what kept the game interesting as they began to dig into philosophical questions that made users think about answers. Questions ranged from what defines art to what makes things fun. Oftentimes there were answers that I resonated with, but sometimes I had a response that didn’t fit and wondered what the alternative would be like. Since a lot of choices didn’t actually affect the main storyline but rather make you think, it made it so there were “no fake endings” and I didn’t feel like I was unsatisfied or had to replay the game.


Overall the game was a fresh interactive experience that may have focus on ourselves as well as the story itself. I had a great experience playing the game and would have wondered what it would be like if there were more graphical parts to it. Would it make it less fun since I am not able to imagine my own world, or would it provide a better story telling experience?

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