P2: Map and Premise


The sun has expanded and the surface of the earth is unlivable. Humans have moved underground and live in a network of caves. The underground residents are at risk of tunnels collapsing, or attacks from giant mole crickets. The land is resource-poor, and they must continuously move underground to survive. 

Map of the underground tunnel system


The player views the story as one of the many miners who toil mindlessly every day, extending the tunnels further underground and extracting resources. If the player decides to break off from the group, the tunnel they’re in collapses, cutting them off from the main group. They may decide to attempt to return to the group, or venture further into the tunnels, coming across a variety of dangers and wonders. By exploring the tunnels, the player will learn that humans have been wasteful and extractive, and that it’s possible to grow resources if they take care of the land, rather than sacrificing it and venturing deeper underground. Then, the player can decide whether to return to the group with the knowledge they’ve learned, or to stay in the tunnels and live with their newfound skills.

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