Erin Hoffman Talk Notes

Erin Hoffman // Word, Not Sand: Mapping Dynamic Emotion Across a Product Landscape

  1. Games as objects
  2. Games as teachers
    1. adaptive learning experiences
    2. Fun as learning → not conclusive
      1. Game can be fun, but not learning
    3. Where is fun and where is learning?
      1. when kids are learning, something other than “fun” occurs
      2. Process between many emotions
        1. learning occurs between many emotions
      3. Sophia
        1. Cognitive mechanical process: convert fear → happiness, through surprise
        2. transition between two universal emotions
        3. bring from one state to another
  3. emotional research
    1. how do we measure emotion? very difficult; unexplored frontier
    2. product with a core emotion
    3. dynamic emotion → all emotion
      1. progression across emotions
      2. emotion is a landscape, not fixed
      3. design for dynamic emotion; a specific progression
        1. pain points: amplify pain, don’t run from it
        2. pain = challenge = good
      4. transform emotions
        1. pain → positive emotions
    4. emotion clustering
      1. analyze similar problems
      2. create a concrete system
    5. other experiences: flatness (traditional argumentation example)
    6. moment of reversal, different pathways

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