Rachel Naidich FLUXX

I played FLUXX online with a stranger on the Board Game Arena website. I thought it was interesting how quickly the objectives of the game can change. While I felt like there was some strategy involved, I often found myself feeling frustrated by the rules changing in a way that I couldn’t predict.

Players: Fluxx is played with 2-6 players, and the players all play against each other

Objective: To be the first person to play Keeper cards that match up with the Goal card that is in effect.

Procedures: Each player starts with 3 cards. Each turn, players draw and play a certain number of cards. The cards can be a keeper, goal, action, or rule card.

Rules: The rules start with each player needing to draw 1 card and play 1 card during their turn. These rules can change as cards are played, and players must follow the new rules specified by the new cards. The first person to fulfill what is specified by the current goal card wins.

Resources: The resources are the cards in a player’s hand. Goal cards can be played to change the goal. Keeper cards can be used to satisfy the goal and win the game. Action cards can put special actions into effect. Rule cards change the rules of the game.

Conflict: Conflict arises when other players play cards that prevent you from satisfying the goal, such as playing a goal card that changes the goal. Players must compete by striving to satisfy the goal as quickly as possible while also preventing the other players from completing the goal.

Boundaries: The game is hosted on the website Board Game Arena, which serves as the boundary for the game.

Outcome: There is one winner at the end of the game when someone satisfies the goal.

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