Critical Play: Fluxx

Reviews: I played this game twice, both offline. One game has 2 players and another game has 5 players. I think the game continuously engage the players even though it might not be their turn yet. The game engages all players continuously through the changes in the rules and the actions that they do. On top of that, there are actions that affects everyone in the game. The players have to strategically play their keeper cards so that they can be the first person to reach the goals. There could also possibly be collaborative efforts if there is one player who is overpowering over everyone else. Apart from that, the game has surprisingly elements, which is needed to install fun in the game, sort of like a randomness. There are also no repeats in the cards, increasing the unpredictability. The downside of the game is that for new players, there is a need to understand and read the cards, taking some time to process the game.

Players: This game allows 2-6 players to play the game. The players of the game are mainly trying to compete against each other.

Objectives: The objective of the game is to have the relevant keepers in your table that matches the goal of the game.

Procedure: The game starts with 3 cards in each person’s hand. They start their turn by drawing and playing 1 card. However, if there is new rules that are played, there will follow according to the rules that are activated.

Rules: The rules of the game starts off with drawing from the deck and playing 1 of their cards on their hands. However, the rules of the game will change according to the rule cards placed by the players.

Resources: There are different resources in the deck. The rules cards adds on rules or take away existing rules, which changes the dynamic of the game. The action card allows the player to do certain actions beyond their capabilities, giving them temporary “special powers”. The keeper cards are gateway cards to win the game, only if they matches with the goal card that is the center of the table. Finally, the goal cards sets the goal for the table in order for them to win the game.

Boundaries: The boundaries of the game is that they must follow the rules, and could only do the actions that they can do at the point of time (and only if they played the action cards). Otherwise, they would have to wait for their turns and act according to what is bounded in the game.

Outcome: The outcome of the game is for the first person to reach the goal that is placed in the middle of the table.


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