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General thoughts

 I got the chance to play Fluxx twice, once online and once in person during class. For the most part my experience was about the same, and I had a great time overall. When we played it online, it was a lot easier to distribute the cards and keep track of all of the different rules since the computer was doing it for us. When we were in person there were several instances where we forgot to follow a rule or weren’t sure what rules would take precedence. I initially thought that the game would be too simple since the win conditions were to just collect certain cards, but the chaos generated by the effect cards kept things fresh and a great experience overall. For me the greatest part of the games was being able to see how different rules impact how players play the game.


Formal Elements


Players: 2-6 players. It is a competitive game between players


Objective: To collect certain “keeper” cards that will match the same ones as outlined by the goal cards. The interesting part of Fluxx is that the goal cards can change meaning your keepers cards could easily lose all of their value or potential to win.


Procedures: A turn based game where each player starts with 3 cards. By default you will draw a card on your turn then play a card. But this can also be changed depending on what rules are played.


Rules: The basic set of rules are simple as outlined above, but additional rules may be added with rule cards. These make the game more complicated and interesting and may shift the favor in someone else’s favor.


Resources: For the most part your only resources are the cards in your hands and what you have already played as your keepers. There are certain limits to your resources such as hand limits and keeper limits.


Conflict: Everyone is trying to achieve the same goal of satisfying the goal conditions but at the same time trying to prevent everyone else from reaching it before you.


Outcome: A winner is decided when someone fulfills the goal card conditions.


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