Vicky’s Critical Play of FLUXX

Critical Play of FLUXX

I played Fluxx online on board game arena with Goutham, so we experienced this game through a 2 player lens. This was my first time playing FLUXX and playing an online card game, so it was an interesting learning experience overall as we got used to the interface and the game procedure/rules. Because of the constantly changing rules and actions, it was sometimes hard to keep track of what was happening. A lot of this game felt like it depended on chance. While I appreciated the spontaneity it provides as it makes the play unpredictable and interesting, the chance attribution of winning, like having a keeper at the right time, kind of takes out the fun of it (I’m unlucky). Perhaps it would have been a fuller experience with more people, or if we tried a different version of fluxx. I noticed wanting to have a bit more strategy to win/achieve the objective would have felt more satisfying.

The Formal Elements of FLUXX


FLUXX can be played between 2-6 people. The structure is a competitive multiplayer game.


To be the first person to fulfill a goal card in play.


Players start with 3 cards each. Then take turns playing action cards, rule cards, goal cards, or keeper cards. Switch up the goals and rules and use actions to your advantage. Place the corresponding keepers on the field or in your hand to match the current goal on the board.


Players start with 3 cards each, and the first rule is to Draw 1 and Play 1. In this game, on each player’s turn, players can switch up the rules, take actions, and change the goals to change how players interact with the cards. Depending on what rule card is in play, players will follow it as they try to have the corresponding keeper cards on the board. The first person who fulfills a goal card wins.


There are Rule cards, Goal cards, Action cards, and Keeper cards. Keepers are used to be strategically placed to fulfill the goal


Conflict occurs when during a turn a player uses a card to change the design of the game, which affects all players. These interactions occur through the use of the cards, as each player tries to be the first person to complete a goal.


FLUXX the online board game area version has its own page, which is where players can go to, to play the game.

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