Team Norms

Our wonderful Project 2 team consists of Grace Zhao, Graham Todd, Josh Lara, and Saljuk Gondal.

Meeting Expectations

  • Cameras on and on time!
  • If you miss a meeting give advance notice (> day of)
  • Try to have clear goals for each meeting
  • Slack to schedule meetings (ad-hoc, no strict schedule)
  • Send TODOs after meetings in Slack

Communication Expectations

  • Verbally say what you’re going to do (e.g. “I’ll type up and send the TODOs”)
  • Slack!
    • Threads when appropriate (unclutter the Slack 😀😉)
  • Feedback! Be kind and constructive 

Team Dynamics 

  • Being open about role assignments (communicate what do you want to do)
  • Be open to offering help on other people’s tasks
  • Slack if stuck! Slack for progress updates!

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