Mindmap: Game Design as Narrative Architecture

Evocative: The Binding of Isaac – This game uses extensive reference to Biblical stories and allegories, but uniquely shaped into how a troubled young child may perceive them. The reader may be experienced with figures such as Cain or the Seven Deadly Sins, but the game creatively uses these familiar faces in new and unexpected ways.

Embedded: Outer Wilds – This game encourages the player to uncover a solar-system-wide mystery, but gives the player complete freedom to visit any area they want in a nonlinear manner. As such, there is a decent amount of redundant information so as to not hinder player progress too much.

Emergent: Crusader Kings II – This strategy game places the player in control of a medieval lord and lets them run with it. It is up to the player to decide on what goals they want to set for their dynasty, whether that be global domination, incredible wealth, and more.

Enacting: Halo – Any game of this shooter franchise tells a rich sci-fi story during the action-packed gunplay, but falls back on cutscenes for important story moments.

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