Sketchnote: Game Architecture

Plants vs Zombies is a game where you defend your house from invading zombies by planting different plants which protect your home.

Loops: The game has loops within levels as well as a single round. The player learns patterns and strategies during a single round, and apply them to the next level (or within the same round) as it gets more difficult. Learn which plants to plant together for a more powerful strategy, where to plant, when to wait etc. as all plants have different regeneration times, weaknesses, and strengths.
Arcs: As you progress, you gain new plants (weapons/tools) and level up on old ones, and you start playing in different locations with different challenges. There is also a character, crazy Dave, who sometimes pops up to introduce you to new aspects of the game. Within a single round, there is also a small arc, as the game has an expected pacing to it, where it starts out slower and at the end you are hit with multiple waves of zombie attacks.

As I have described, the game definitely has micro arcs in its game architecture, as it combines loops and arcs throughout the entire game in different ways!

link to PDF: SketchNote_ Game Architecture

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