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Hi everyone, I’m Elyse (she/her). Here’s a photo of me:

I love playing Rack-O with my family because it’s one of the few games we can all agree on! I like that it’s fast to learn, involves both randomness and skill, and the rounds only last 5-10 minutes, so we can play a few rounds and everyone can win at least once. This might be my favorite game of all time just because I’ve played it all my life and it hasn’t gotten old.

Recently, I played the game where you spell a word on someone’s arm or back and have them try to guess what you’re spelling. I stumped my partner with ‘CHRISTMAS’, probably because of all the consonants at the front. I like this game because it doesn’t require anything but 2 people, and there’s something intimate and relaxing about playing a game with physical touch.

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